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Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 18:14pm
youre big throat is youre job n eating the pipi of the guys .
sucking dick is youre job in USA .
youre job is sucking dick in California. how old are you hermec?
youre 65years old. youre dead ball fucking bastard.
Comment by ?????????? on 3233853969
Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 15:21pm
Cant u find a younger harlot in CA?hermec is 65yr old down and dirty streetwalker hahaha!!!  Only a bum without money can fuck a whore hermec who will die soon. Next time get a 70yr whore so that u can sex trick easier))))
Comment by . on 3233853969
Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 10:12am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by Alexander on 3233853969
Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 09:18am
And I'm pretty sure Hermecita is a total psychopath. Her development is clearly retarded, bordering on mental disability.

Comment by Friend on 3233853969
Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 08:10am
Hermecita drinks like a fish. Every time I see her she has a beer in her hand and is drunk.
The drunken Hermecita is a broken record, telling everyone who sits next to her the same bullshit.
It would be better if instead of watching cartoons... she was thinking about her weird behavior.
Comment by Herdie on 3233853969
Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 04:48am
I agree, hermecita orpilla cano should not be allowed to breed.
she is worthless.
Comment by SLKHH on 9252558749
Tuesday, 05.4.2021 @ 05:27am
At 4:35am, no one should be calling. A-Holes.
Comment by Anonymous on 8443587971
Monday, 04.26.2021 @ 13:04pm
I just received a call from this number. It was a recording, saying that it was from Anthem Blue Cross... and it got my name right... saying that I qualify for cash benefits. Then, I hung up to check out the verity of this number on the web.
Comment by ohu812 on 5193697684
Friday, 04.23.2021 @ 08:53am
Spam called 3 times
Comment by OhU812 on 5193698829
Thursday, 04.22.2021 @ 16:38pm
Canada number, has to be spoofed.
_S P A M_
Comment by ohu812 on 7865511713
Thursday, 04.22.2021 @ 06:20am
Robo test call to see if you answer. If you answer you get put on a list to call again.
Comment by James on 02039364200
Thursday, 04.22.2021 @ 02:42am
SCAM - claiming to be from National Insurance. They would NEVER ring you - they would write.
Comment by same on 8077702287
Saturday, 04.17.2021 @ 11:34am
same here received phone call at 2:03pm April 17 2021
area code says it is from Kenora, I answered and no one responded.
Comment by Former Virgin Mobile customer on 02079476448
Saturday, 04.17.2021 @ 03:39am
Most likely a scam from a call centre linked to Virgin Mobile.
Comment by Mrs C on 02087365000
Tuesday, 04.13.2021 @ 02:07am
I just got a call from 0208 736 5000. I think it's a nuisance call. Don't call it back as the number is no longer in operation.
Comment by Omg on 5039540641
Saturday, 04.10.2021 @ 08:32am
Lost my phone and wallet he found and returned.
Comment by wp on 7193557492
Friday, 04.9.2021 @ 10:27am
"New Partners TE" ID. No msg. Repeat harassing calls under this ID. Uses different numbers.
Comment by Sandy on 09088870552
Thursday, 04.8.2021 @ 06:22am
Hi! I got a call from this number as well today but was not able to answer. I am also trying to know who owns the number.

Did you recently apply for a job? Lol. I was checking if the this number was from one of the companies I applied for.
Comment by vws on 7193557492
Monday, 04.5.2021 @ 11:35am
Unknown ID "New Partners TE". Repeat calls regularly. No msg. Harasser number.
Comment by ohu812 on 9545498026
Thursday, 04.1.2021 @ 07:26am
I.D. came up Jovonn Worthy. This is obviously a new twist. Insert a random name hoping you'll answer out of curiosity.

Reported as spam and blocked.
Comment by a.louise on 02036673996
Wednesday, 03.24.2021 @ 04:24am
just recieved a phone from them myself. about half hour ago!
Comment by Jjzturks on 8778673891
Sunday, 03.21.2021 @ 04:34am
These people just scam my ass , theyre part of these scammers from the uk , also they have a fake ass website call sageprotectors
Is not safe be careful
Comment by ohu812 on 9545476493
Friday, 03.19.2021 @ 11:27am
Was Biden again, randomly calling for help with his Jello cup
Comment by Tiger on 8772736035
Friday, 03.19.2021 @ 10:17am
It claimed to be from PGE, or Portland General. Asked us to call within 24 hours about my account.
Checked with PGE on its customer service number published on its web site instead. There is no issue with my account.
Comment by ohu812 on 6892183894
Wednesday, 03.17.2021 @ 10:39am
Comment by ohu812 on 4042772508
Wednesday, 03.17.2021 @ 09:59am
It sounded like Biden, needed his diaper changed.
I hung up.
Comment by ohu812 on 7653427103
Monday, 03.15.2021 @ 11:59am
Asked me if I would support "Kids with Covid ?"
Comment by Indiana on 07722029046
Monday, 03.15.2021 @ 10:29am

This is his new contact number, DO NOT ANSWER and follow advice given in previous warnings under old number 07930961980.
Comment by Indiana on 07930961980
Monday, 03.15.2021 @ 10:26am
UPDATE: This person has now CHANGED contact number. His new contact number is 07722029046. As per previous comment, do NOT respond to any calls received.
Comment by ohu812 on 9548697454
Friday, 03.12.2021 @ 11:54am
Robo call
Comment by ohu812 on 2342038994
Thursday, 03.11.2021 @ 16:30pm
Spoofed caller ID

BLOCKED, reported as Spam
Comment by ohu812 on 9545897000
Wednesday, 03.10.2021 @ 13:38pm
B L o c k e d. !!!
Comment by sharon on 8665511107
Tuesday, 03.9.2021 @ 07:29am
This number is safe.
Comment by Aj on 01544248399
Monday, 03.8.2021 @ 02:23am
Not safe
Comment by Pablo on 00448718648017
Sunday, 03.7.2021 @ 16:38pm
I got a missed call from this number, called back and I heard people talking in some Arabic dialect. Funny thing is that I called them back from my country. I'm Ecuadorian. I'll keep an eye on my debit card and my email address from now on.
Comment by Dee on 8764829508
Friday, 03.5.2021 @ 09:17am
I got a call from the number above. 876-482-9508 telling me I had won Mega Millions 3.1 million and said they had sent me a letter but it was returned this has to be a scam

Comment by REZA on 4168001230
Thursday, 03.4.2021 @ 16:47pm
This number is for the company offer window and door and call display shows WINDOW but they are not sharing their business address , it must be something wrong about these people
Comment by ohu812 on 9542814496
Wednesday, 03.3.2021 @ 10:43am
Robo call, I answered and it took :20 before someone came on the line. Was from India.
Comment by 10101010 on 9547776460
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 06:22am
Spam call
Comment by Reggie on 5872296436
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 16:55pm
they are just a lawn aeration company rebooking past customers for the spring. they just called me and are legit
Comment by 688790775q on 9542745727
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 13:53pm
Robo call to see if I would answer. Don't answer, if you do, they add you to calling lists as a live answerer.
Comment by Indiana on 07930961980
Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 10:35am
This is a dangerous caller. Please refer to a number
of warnings already posted on the web about this caller
an his intentions.
Comment by Joycia on 7327724032
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 13:38pm
Frustrating serial calls this afternoon, including this number, while I was working. 3:24pm on 2/17/21.
No messages left. Since they were only minutes apart, was suspicious that the person was using alternate numbers.
Comment by ohu812 on 5182411430
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 11:04am
Total scam, would not identify
Comment by business owner on 7804416699
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 08:51am
if you have a question about the number, go ahead and call it back! This number is owned by Select Call Centre based in Edmonton, AB and is used a general call back number.
Comment by ..... on 02085070300
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 05:19am
Called in regards to a night job I applied for.
Comment by on 3233853969
Monday, 02.15.2021 @ 06:09am
Ang bait bait mo, sana kunin ka na ni Lord.
Comment by ohu812 on 9546861956
Thursday, 02.11.2021 @ 16:24pm
Spam call
Comment by 688790775q on 9545894871
Thursday, 02.11.2021 @ 16:20pm
Called 3 times within 1 minute.

Blocked as Spam
Comment by 10101010 on 3182902531
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 10:43am
Travel scam