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Comment by Marian on 004316298614
Friday, 02.4.2022 @ 06:11am
my bank says this is probably a scam
Comment by Marjory on 1427633
Monday, 01.3.2022 @ 02:43am
939288832 lima peru
Comment by Elbon007 on 07377660995
Saturday, 01.1.2022 @ 08:46am

Comment by Anthony Scott (Sidd) on 6169700541
Sunday, 12.26.2021 @ 20:57pm
Comment by Mister Potatohead on 2062223447
Monday, 12.20.2021 @ 15:20pm
To three dots, I had this number call 5 minutes ago, could be phisher. Seattle area code, listed as potential spam by phone.
Comment by J on 6024289724
Sunday, 12.19.2021 @ 14:03pm
I have and they are MMS so I didn't even open it, just blocked it. What is in the messages? I don't download anything I'm not sure about.
Comment by Krystal on 7027101746
Tuesday, 12.14.2021 @ 10:54am
This number is a telemarketers
Comment by Maire NicAodha on 03333214080
Wednesday, 12.8.2021 @ 12:43pm
This is the customer service number for Firstport Property Services who are based in Luton in England. They manage the maintenance of private blocks of flats, housing estates, etc.
Comment by Dave Nixon on 07709980671
Wednesday, 12.8.2021 @ 02:44am
On my latest bill with O2 it shows 6 Text messages sent to 07709980671 on 18th November 2021 and a further 6 on 1st December 2021. I have no record of these messages on my phone and did not send them.

This number is not safe
Comment by PamelaZeply on 8002589062
Monday, 12.6.2021 @ 10:36am
Comment by chuck on 8003218591
Monday, 12.6.2021 @ 08:20am
This is marketing for many products, with claims that are similar to claims from fraud sites, apparently aimed at foolish seniors.
Comment by AudreyElogy on 8002589062
Thursday, 12.2.2021 @ 20:08pm
Thanks for your payment. Your payment has been approved. You can see your payment report on the link below
Comment by Ian Moone on 9562788658
Thursday, 12.2.2021 @ 10:16am
Spam - Medicare enrollment
Comment by no u on 8163169096
Sunday, 11.28.2021 @ 20:33pm
Comment by Office worker on 07572729094
Monday, 11.22.2021 @ 14:43pm
Cheating site administrator
Comment by Edward on 5154890639
Monday, 11.22.2021 @ 09:11am
I got a message from this phone number in which the lady who did not identify herself or the company she worked for said "we are with your health plan and we want to talk to you about one of the medicines you take you please call us back.

I called my insurance company and ask them and they said it was probably a scam and to not call them.
Comment by Jeffrey Young on 4122684214
Wednesday, 11.17.2021 @ 12:25pm
Carnegie Mellon University Telefund Campaign. Current students fundraising, alumni, family and supporters
Comment by D Yocom on 8767933509
Thursday, 11.11.2021 @ 21:08pm
Call from 876-793-3509, unanswered, did not leave a message.

Answered call from private caller... Call spam. Refused to hear the spiel, "thank you but we are done here"

Third call: 876-793-3509, Ignored. Caller left a message on my answering machine. Used my full name along with my husband's name, then said F*** You and cackled wickedly.

Comment by Tony on 02030601697
Thursday, 11.11.2021 @ 06:54am
Calling me with no caller ID each night, 5-8 times per night between 2am-4am. When answered or listening back to the numerous voicemails it's just bleeping. Have just been able to get caller ID from the voicemail info despite showing as no caller ID. Have tried blocking the number and am hoping this stops it as has been going on for MONTHS.
Comment by john on 3309201320
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 08:15am
scam call from 330-920-1320, 10 Nov 2021
Comment by jules on 8005472257
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 05:34am
Received a spam email about Norton antivirus "auto renewing" with this number attached. Do NOT call! It's definitely phishing.
Comment by Bear on 7792163787
Tuesday, 11.9.2021 @ 14:38pm
Portfolio Recovery - Debt Collector - 1 of 1000 phone numbers they use. call and never leave message
Comment by gary manor on 8156237863
Monday, 11.8.2021 @ 08:11am
this number 815-623-7863, the call said it was from bank of america, and state there is a problem with your account, and to stay on line to talk to some one from there fraud dept, but i do not have a account with bank of america
Comment by Frank Muniz on 8667898298
Tuesday, 11.2.2021 @ 06:27am
Sprint is the most Stupidest company in the whole wide world, i used to work with them in the 90's and have gotten worst ever since. I never went with Sprint as my provider and even today this number comes up on my phone and i'm not even a Sprint Customer. I get calls from this number almost ten times a month. they're just useless.
Comment by Simon on 07775119221
Thursday, 10.28.2021 @ 12:43pm
07775119221 Ocado driver calling me to say they will be late
Comment by Monica on 5137297921
Monday, 10.25.2021 @ 14:36pm
they won't stop calling me 10 times a day. Scam "debt collector"
Comment by edd on 4437426916
Friday, 10.22.2021 @ 04:17am
this is a summons server
Comment by ohu812 on 7544324791
Thursday, 10.21.2021 @ 11:56am
No message left on VM
Comment by Jsj719 on 02038247112
Wednesday, 10.20.2021 @ 14:16pm
Received calls from this number at 1735pm ,1736pm & again at 1736pm.
I did not pick up as I did not know the number.
They left no text message.
This is the 5th time they rang but no idea why n I won't pick up Unknown numbers.
Comment by Palu on 08007404404
Wednesday, 10.20.2021 @ 06:44am
Claimed to be from HSBC. Their number is 03457 404 404.
Comment by Joe on 4784427326
Friday, 10.15.2021 @ 12:47pm
you give me less info than i already had.
Comment by ROC on 09064703433
Friday, 10.15.2021 @ 09:34am
We have just had our business phone bill which is usually £106 a month. This month it is £300!!!! The number you mentioned called out from our phone (no idea how) over 100 times in one hour at a very expensive rate. if you find out who this is please let me know. Thank you.
Comment by LG on 08001697763
Thursday, 10.14.2021 @ 04:01am
I received text message followed by a call from this number claiming to be from Lloyds Bank asking me to confirm my details before they will speak to me. I refused to provide any details and said I will call Lloyds Bank. Having spoken to Lloyds Bank and provided them with the telephone number, I was told that it does not belong to them!
Comment by Mrs Burn on 03301115050
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 00:29am
03301115050 is for So Energy, Power Road London - hope this helps
Comment by Paul on 01455342381
Monday, 10.11.2021 @ 03:53am
As a rule of thumb, if you don't recognise the number DO NOT ANSWER! If they are genuine, they will leave a message. DO NOT CALL BACK - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

There is a potential of phone scamming. If it is a friends/family new number, then add it to contacts.

But the mere fact I got this phone number ring me, it's definitely a scam - and as I am registered with TPS - which makes my phone supposedly illegal - if you get the company name, they can be fined 6 figure sums!

Companie are NOT allowed to ring unsolicited any numbers on the TPS (WWW.TPSONLINE.ORG.UK). You cn register mobiles or landlines and it takes a month or so to get through.

The ONLY companies who can contact you are companies you've previously dealt with and haven't demanded they remove the mobile.

FTR, if a debt agency is doing it, it can/will be deemed harassment (as they haven't tried to identify themselves and thus could potentially be stalking!). If they then try and threaten/frighten you with court action, as they have harassed you, BY LAW, they no longer have ANY rights to money - in effect, it is considered the same as loan sharking at that point!

Regardless, don't worry about it! Register with TPS, get company details to make formal complaint (I had to do this twice - and BOTH times, the fine was 6 figures!), and if it is a debt collecting agency - CONGRATS, that debt is now void!
Comment by Colin on 02080891316
Friday, 10.8.2021 @ 06:48am
This phone number was attached to an advert where a "doctor" (English accent) was procrastinating long and loud about a medicine for the "immediate" relief of arthritic pain. After 20 minutes he had not got to the point, had repeatedly repeated himself and had got boring. I gave up. The phone number seems to be associated with a small pharmaceutical business in London that sells expensive medicines.
Comment by on 07747612481
Friday, 10.8.2021 @ 03:49am
Comment by Salem on 9715993002
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 10:58am
Call to business line with no message left at 1:48 AM
Comment by Fraud Detector on 18885547827
Tuesday, 10.5.2021 @ 19:19pm
This phone number definitely not safe. block it
Comment by Fraud Detector on 18885547827
Tuesday, 10.5.2021 @ 19:17pm
A renting agent said she registered with Shaw's account and asking me to answer that phone number +1-888-554-7827 to verify her account. I told her that I could not confirm her account unless she gave me power of attorney to act on her behalf. I suspect this woman is a part of organized crime specializing in illegally collecting people's data and improperly using the data without consent through the internet modem that she has access to. Many tenants who rented a room from them complained that since they logged into the modem provided by her, they started to have all sorts of issues. This phone number is problematic; please be very careful. Shaw usually will not call you up in the night to wake you up and asking you to pay your bill. If you get a call like that, most likely, it is a fraud call.
Comment by IFF Research on 01134680685
Monday, 10.4.2021 @ 07:41am
You have been contacted by IFF Research who have been appointed by HESA on behalf of your university / college to capture Graduate Outcomes survey responses by phone.
The Graduate Outcomes survey is the biggest UK annual social survey and captures the perspectives and current status of recent graduates.
All graduates who completed a higher education course in the UK will be asked to take part in the survey 15 months after they finish their studies. The survey aims to help current and future students gain an insight into career destinations and development.
IFF will call you back at a later date to obtain your survey response. You can also take the survey online and will have received emails and text messages with a link to the survey.
Comment by steve on 5182818388
Friday, 10.1.2021 @ 14:11pm
I just rec'd call from 518-281-8388. rings. hangs up. 3 times. Blocked now.
Comment by MJP on 3523372729
Thursday, 09.30.2021 @ 10:56am
Spam risk noted on this number. I did not answer so don't know who it was.
Comment by Anonymous on 3233853969
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 15:21pm
If drunk is happy, then hermes is pretty happy.
Comment by SARA joanne on 02031291928
Friday, 09.24.2021 @ 15:15pm
This no called me bang on midday today . I wasnt arounf to take the call

Out of curiosity I decided to ring it (I know u shouldnt) just to see who would pick up the phone & it just rang for a few rings then rang off

so i can only guess it could be a scam

even if they had spoken to me id be too savvy to be taken in by them
Comment by Bryan Locke on 8064026723
Friday, 09.24.2021 @ 07:36am
I received a text from this no. Telling me I needed to send front and back copies of my ID card to him. His name is John Phillip, says he is an agent with the federal government and lottery commission stating I was given $45,000.00 by lottery winners in Michigan who win 1.05 billion dollars.
Comment by Frank on 4388148905
Sunday, 09.19.2021 @ 06:49am
I will like to know who is the person behind those calls ?,,,
Comment by mary on 5593548211
Monday, 09.13.2021 @ 17:22pm
Hector Morales called from this number said he was from Energy Assistance Program. I just had someone out at my house last week from EAP, so when I started asking questions about who they were, he couldn't answer my questions and when I persisted asking him to identify his company, he started yelling and abruptly hung up. This is a scam. Probably just trying to get into your house to do God know what.
Comment by Gal on 2362665487
Saturday, 09.11.2021 @ 14:24pm
This number has called several times today (2021.09.11) without leaving a message. Our phone rings several times and before the incoming call engages the voice mail. Nuisance!
Comment by George N. on 808203203
Sunday, 09.5.2021 @ 05:00am
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