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Comment by KB on 4255587023
Tuesday, 06.18.2019 @ 17:29pm
I have had around 10 calls from this number in the past 8 days. They never leave a message and I don't answer calls with no caller ID info. I was hoping someone else would know.
Comment by Obedient on 2408623975
Tuesday, 06.18.2019 @ 15:48pm
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Comment by Gruntz on 7023593575
Tuesday, 06.18.2019 @ 12:12pm
Caller will not respond when you answer and say "Hello." But in the background you can hear a slight low tone as if the robocaller has not functioned properly. Hangs up after 15 seconds or so
Comment by TA on 7145918124
Tuesday, 06.18.2019 @ 11:02am
it is a debt collector trying to collect debts over 15 years old. They think they can scare people into paying the debt and act like they can put it back on your credit. They cant so don't fall for it. He demands your DOB information and can tell you the last 4 of your social. Then he acts like he will send your stuff to your employer. Just hang up and block the guy if you think he's going to bully you. He will threaten you with a judgement, oooh no!!!! not a judgement... lol (sarcasm)
Comment by April on 7139311166
Monday, 06.17.2019 @ 06:21am
Forgot one thing He uses magic jack. Wont answer his phone calls but you can leave him messages! Wonder how he would like it if we call called him and hung up 8 to 10 times a day?
Comment by April on 7139311166
Monday, 06.17.2019 @ 06:17am
His name is Bobby Cordua and lives in Houston TX
Told him Cops had his address and were on the way to arrest his sorry ass for phone harassment and I would be seeing him in a court of law!
Comment by Gerry Holland on 02079444300
Sunday, 06.16.2019 @ 11:13am
This number is the Air Accident Investigation Board, the number to be called if an Aircraft Incident has taken place.
Comment by notdumb on 8883920590
Sunday, 06.16.2019 @ 09:53am
This is a number from a sham company. They pretend to be a student loan service provider...left a voicemail saying there "are changes to the account, this matter is urgent, please call..." The message tries to sound legit by leaving an "agent number and reference number."
Comment by Daisy on 7016454368
Sunday, 06.16.2019 @ 02:58am
Hes a real person, but from what real fountry?? Oil rig contractor lost at sea.
Comment by firecat on 8588040808
Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 15:30pm
have received 4 calls telling me my apple icloud account has had suspicious activity. call 858-804-0808. I don't have an icloud account. I am suspicious that this caller is participating in criminal activity.
Comment by Verizon Customer on 8774836469
Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 12:07pm
This appears to be safe. Its one of Verizon Fios' customer service lines for installation assistance.
Comment by Mr.Angry on 02065765003
Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 08:03am
Bloody nuisance callers - would not - say anything. After 10 secs or so just hung up..
Comment by Melissa on 8662981211
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 16:21pm
It was about student loan debt.
Comment by Bill on 3301156737
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 15:15pm
Don't answer it. These bottom dwellers are just looking for a good number. If you don't answer, that won't know its a good number. They will stop calling.
Comment by Al on 8002919157
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 14:01pm
Receive repeat calls every couple of days. Would not leave msg. Now the number is on my blocked calls list.
Comment by Jason on 8584677410
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 12:51pm
Bill collector
Comment by Patrice on 4044676142
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 09:25am
Just received a voicemail from a Schaefer Law Firm but the number resolves to a Jennifer Caldwell. When I called back I reached the voicemail of Angela Holder
Comment by David on 01134840018
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 08:33am
A company who I have not previously had dealings with (Circular House?), addressing me by name and wanting to talk to me about home improvement grants. I told them to remove my contact details from their database, though I know perfectly well they will do nothing of the sort. Whoever they are, they have never heard of either the Telephone Preference Service or GDPR.
Comment by ANON on 01935443776
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 06:07am
Garador regarding garage door delivery
Comment by Anonymous on 7148815584
Wednesday, 06.12.2019 @ 22:27pm
Been receiving phone calls in regards to verifying my identity to receive a package anyone else receiving these phone calls
Comment by Viola on 5632025893
Wednesday, 06.12.2019 @ 08:29am
563.202.5893 - Unfamiliar number keeps calling. Message says they want to help with "pain relief". I believe it is either medical spam or medical scam call. I do not answer.
Comment by jane on 01282227393
Wednesday, 06.12.2019 @ 05:14am
this number called today and claimed to be from o2 but didnt know I was in a contract already with o2 so doubtful
Comment by Friend on 01612497897
Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 14:55pm
This is a sales number that calls persistently and repeatedly unless blocked.
Comment by jim on 9362186872
Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 12:19pm
scam for free prescriptions
Comment by DD on 9034074232
Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 12:15pm
Said I had fraudulent activity reported on my social security and recommended I call them back in 24 hours or they would start legal proceedings.
Comment by Erin on 3602616963
Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 11:33am
They called me and said I owed Rent a Center almost $1600 for a bed set, and I was going to be summoned to court and to have almost $4000 dollars with me to pay the judgment and attorney cost. This sounded extremely fishy since Rent a Center has never called me to say I owe them money, I called Rent a Center and they said that's not how they do business they will try to make contact with the customer first before sending it to collections or Court. I'm praying the guy at Rent a Center is correct since I have not rented anything from them in close to 15 years. These people at this number are very snarky and hang up on you when your trying to talk to them!!
Comment by ptn on 919791111881
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 10:27am
No message no name ID call from "Carteret NJ". Serial hacker calls using different numbers/locations never leaving message or ID.
Comment by FMCD on 01160158929
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 07:09am
Called, then hung up as soon as I answered. Now blocked!
Comment by ... on 8002151310
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 05:13am
Sorry, I haven't received a call from this number, but someone used my work phone on Friday after I left to call this number...not sure why and it's a bit concerning.
Comment by Kevin on 08700878749
Sunday, 06.9.2019 @ 08:34am
I think its talk talk they charged me nearly £10 for a call they made to me dont answer the number
Comment by Gerlene on 4243966913
Saturday, 06.8.2019 @ 17:13pm
This phone # 1-424-396-6913 is a bad # that's all I have to say.called my # today I don't know them and will get in touch with the authorities if they call again!
Comment by Marcia on 3093239383
Saturday, 06.8.2019 @ 13:19pm
Caller left voicemail about fraud concerning social security number. I find it to be suspect.
Comment by Amber on 8602390314
Saturday, 06.8.2019 @ 10:50am
I received a vm saying they have my resume and would love to offer me a position- I've never applied here nor Is my resume anywhere online for anyone to find and it's not even a real phone number it's from VoIP or google voice I don't trust it!
Comment by Kit on 8552736891
Saturday, 06.8.2019 @ 08:13am
(855) 273 6891
Call Type: Telemarketer
On Jun 08,2019, but they begun calling me from April 02,2019 while I was in Arkansas!
(855) 273 6891
I have had this number call me calling me 2 to 6 times daily. One time I answered it, at the very beginning, because they had an Arkansas phone number, I answered it because my brother was real sick, just come home from the hospital, and the 479 area code. I had been dealing with a lot of calls about my brother's care, therapy, excetera, so I had to answered it, and they tried to claim I contacted them about some windows, they go by Anderson Windows! I told them I hadn't, but here is the kicker. They called me, they had me as living in Arkansas with my brother's address. When I told them I didn't call them they insisted that I did and said I contacted by my email. Once again I told them we didn't, and they had the wrong addres for me. Also, I told them haven't they heard of spoofing, maybe that is what happen. Finally, I had to hang up on the man. After that day they kept calling me up to 12 calls a day. Finally, I called the company, they were not interested in stopping them. But they kept asking for my phone number, and I wouldn't give it to them! I told them I was on the don't call list and it was illegal to call me. Still no luck with the company. For a long time in April, I was deleting their calls, and their voice mail. Then I realized if I was going to file a complaint, I might not haved them, but the phone calls still coming. One of the voice mail is a woman. This is a pressure issue in trying to make me get there windows! No matter what I do, they still keep calling, and some are unlisted, but I know it is them, because they left a voice mail on my phone. I don't know how to stop them, but I do know I should do something about them. They are filling up my voice mail! Help me somebody!
Comment by Kimberly on 8666136855
Friday, 06.7.2019 @ 16:22pm
We have been getting calls from this number. It says its Citibank regarding our home DEPOT acct. We recently did consolidate our acct. However, I would think that by putting the number in Google it would have automatically brought up that it was Citibank??? Which it doesn't!
Comment by Me on 18004647726
Friday, 06.7.2019 @ 15:48pm
This is NIPSCO
Comment by tnm on 7205477479
Friday, 06.7.2019 @ 12:41pm
No message no name from caller ID "Anonymous". Robocaller calls many times same day using different local area code numbers and spoofed IDs. Serial hacker at work.
Comment by Amy on 2678002834
Friday, 06.7.2019 @ 08:10am
This is a collector. Block it.
Comment by gerr on 8778355538
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 13:30pm
Comment by Bo on 3392108602
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 11:50am
Fax spammer
Comment by Don on 442036080829
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 08:33am
I've received several calls from this number ( 44 20 3608 0829) that shows from London. As I don't know who/what it is, I haven't answered. Can anyone tell me who it is or what they want???
Comment by K on 2164160091
Tuesday, 06.4.2019 @ 16:55pm
It's not a scam it's a call center for ATT
Comment by Gregg on 7072961928
Tuesday, 06.4.2019 @ 09:27am
Yes. Alexander, who claims that I owe him money. He uses different phone numbers. This is just one of the numbers. He's all fraud. Report, report, report.
Comment by concerned anti-spam citizen on 01223451589
Tuesday, 06.4.2019 @ 08:05am
it's ComSol, a US owned engineering software publisher
Comment by PATTY on 9735409175
Tuesday, 06.4.2019 @ 07:37am
973-540-9175- male caller is a complete LUNATIC! Calling probably form a prison or institution of some kind. When you answer, he just starts talking in numerical riddles. Makes no sense what so ever. Don't answer it, dump it, or disconnect caller without speaking.
Comment by Kristin on 3524939558
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 16:47pm
I keep getting calls from this number and they never leave messages and I'm not answering. When I look the number up a couple sources say it's an Aaron's rental center....not so sure about that though. Love to know who it is and why though!
Comment by Bob Yost on 8778610039
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 13:40pm
I have been getting calls from this number almost daily. I answered it once or twice. They say that they are with the PA state fraternal order of police and very nastily demand I give them money. The police are EVIL CORRUPT KILLING MACHINES that must be stopped! We need to put an end to the evil vile police and make sure that they only hire people have have been tested, mentally stable!
Comment by freep on 8333560070
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 10:51am
The 833-356-0770 is a spam number. I have received many calls with voicemail messages saying "the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. the number to call SSA back is 8333560070. the reason you you have received this call from our department is to inform you that there's a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for fraudulent activity so before this matter goes to the state courthouse..END.. Before you get arrested..."
Comment by Shrikant on 9819513703
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 07:26am
yes ..what happen with you..??
Comment by Richard on 8885120495
Friday, 05.31.2019 @ 18:10pm
Call from Cigna Informed Choice team to offer a less expensive option for an upcoming CT scan.