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Comment by Leslee sewell on 9166956510
Thursday, 07.18.2019 @ 18:41pm
This dude is stalking me
Comment by Obedient Christian Believer on 3015642718
Thursday, 07.18.2019 @ 13:14pm
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Comment by a. victim on 6265000463
Thursday, 07.18.2019 @ 13:11pm
scum of the earth
Comment by Silvey on 0035316556000
Thursday, 07.18.2019 @ 04:25am
It's SSE airtricity.
Comment by .... on 8665148946
Wednesday, 07.17.2019 @ 15:45pm
Received a call from that number at 6:37PM tonight Jul 17 2019. Nobody was talking at the other end = SPAM and NOT SAFE.
Comment by jack on 5145452741
Wednesday, 07.17.2019 @ 11:38am
conservative party
Comment by Susan on 7867132456
Wednesday, 07.17.2019 @ 10:33am
It a law firm office saying I have a debt and wanted to verify my SS# and address. Good luck with that. They called me so who the hell would answer my phone but me.
Comment by Lacey on 8177863117
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 20:10pm
Have had several calls from 817-786-3117
I do not answer and they don’t leave a message
Comment by another anon on 12032047800
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 17:37pm
came in on my cell. Only family and close friends have that number. White Pages marks this # as High Risk for Spam. AT&T alert also flagged this as spam. I am blocking.
Comment by VJ on 28838270
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 17:31pm
How do you get out of the hack? I feel like I'm in a bubble. How do you undo the hack?
Comment by Marvin on 4805615318
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 14:15pm
I didn't answer when I didn't recognize the number. I called back but got the 'this number is not in service' recording. I think a telemarketer is using a relayer to use this number to appear local. I'll block this number.
Comment by C B on 3234021166
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 14:09pm
"Sam" said he was calling from CVS Corporation and asked to speak to my boss. When I asked "Sam" what the call was regarding, he said something inaudible and then hung up. I don't know if this was a legitimate call or not, but I am highly suspicious of most calls that are phone ID'd with one name "SMS" and then state they are calling from another "CVS Corp."
Comment by Auntie on 8132109290
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 14:08pm
SPAM - maybe an attempt to collect a debt that was written off by the original owner. It has been sold and the new collector is attempting a scare tactic. You can 'settle this by contacting' a number in another state.
Comment by gerryj on 6044445678
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 12:25pm
Another caller that leaves no message - robo caller. Very annoying.
Comment by megan on 6144052752
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 10:50am
They left me a message this morning- debt collector
Comment by another anon on 18028783157
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 09:53am
Received call on my cell phone at 11:15 July 16. No message, no caller id. White pages lists this number as belonging to Jarelle Marie Flibotte of Barre VT. I do not know ayone by this name. I do not give my cell number out to anyone but family and very close friends. I am considering this a spam or phishing call, probably using a legitimate number to hide behind.
Comment by Finn on 7136772251
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 09:43am
I received hang up calls from this number July 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, and 16. I say, "Hello," and the call is disconnected on the other end. I am blocking this number on my phone, whatever they want is probably not beneficial to me.
Comment by Bruce on 6317198090
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 06:45am
response to 5:52am comment .... Why don't you call back the number and ask them why they're calling you?
Comment by Phil on 02382354980
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 02:49am
Southampton General Hospital
Comment by Alex on 8604639345
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 19:17pm
Also received several calls. No voicemail. I did not receive sms or mms. Did you?
Comment by Wuggles on 2456978451
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 15:01pm
Same here. Two calls from this number went to voice mail, but no message. I just blocked it as unknown.
Comment by Debbie on 8773078033
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 13:54pm
This is the customer service number for patients requesting PleurX catheter system supplies.
Comment by fjl on 2092415326
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 12:05pm
No message no name ID 'Private' robocall. Scammer uses different numbers, IDs, 'Private', 'Anonymous' repeat pattern robocalls. No messages usually. Fake or no name match IDs.
Comment by Marl on 4168499350
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 11:04am
This is unsafe ...left message and my bell was charged for it and if charge. Watch out.
Comment by Diana on 2092150007
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 10:31am
219-215-0007 is being used as a scam for a law firm in Canada that has nothing to do with this scam. This is a fictitious deceased person who they are trying to give $9M to an heir. It appears they even went so far as to use the law firms name and put an address out on the web that is not tied to the actual law firm.
Comment by Maggie Macdonald on 02086387505
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 05:52am
Saying visa transfer had occurred and:the usual press 1. Fraudsters
Comment by Anti Robo-caller on 3149354924
Sunday, 07.14.2019 @ 18:05pm
314 935 4924 called my mobile number on Sunday, 7/14 at 6:18 pm CDT. Since I didn't recognize the number, I ignored it.
Comment by Donna on 8775484471
Sunday, 07.14.2019 @ 09:43am
This is the phone number given on bank transaction after taking a amazon survey and claiming a prize in which your told to only pay for shipping. I never got a confirmation email so I called this number and was told I entered to WIN THE ITEM which was not stated. BEWARE OF AMAZON SURVEY'S THRU TEXT.
Comment by Boston on 8003188536
Saturday, 07.13.2019 @ 14:22pm
Morgan Law Firm. calls regarding my past due citibank credit card.
Comment by j on 2562083217
Saturday, 07.13.2019 @ 12:09pm
It is a lady said she was from medicare and wanted to talk to me about medicare told her I was not old enough to get it she said well someone in your household has it I have ask her to stop calling but she keeps calling
Comment by Sally on 4697760259
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 13:35pm
Answered phone as "Radio ____ Solutions" (couldn't hear middle word).
Comment by Sally on 4697760259
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 13:31pm
Bill collector
Comment by Charles on 8447529443
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 07:41am
United Health Care wanting to be my point of care contact instead of me calling my service number.
Comment by Gloria on 8009341296
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 14:58pm
This number is a direct line to Express-Scripts pharmacy. I was suspicious at first, so I did not initially give any of my identifier numbers. To be safe, I checked with my account on the website first and then called back. That said, if they call you, it is usually important so don't ignore the call. In my case, the medicine wasn't available by the manufacturer.
Comment by RM on 8776614442
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 11:38am
It's service auto protection. They are trying to sell extended warranty for your automobile.
Comment by D gibbson on 5137297921
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 09:31am
Bill collector not safe
Comment by Lynne in CT on 3144610614
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 08:54am
I got a call on my cell Wednesday, July 10, was a recorded message by someone claiming to be "Officer (I missed the name)" to tell me that my social security number had been compromised. I hung up.
Comment by D on 2149525142
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 08:25am
His name is Brady Parker. Lives in Texas, works in Oklahoma. He's married and on dating apps looking for "hookups".
Comment by * on 03002008917
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 03:31am
Tax HMRC scam, automated voice as soon as you answer
Comment by a on 03002008917
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 03:28am
I've just received a call but I didn't answer. So not sure who it was or what they wanted but assuming they called you as well today I reckon it's spammy.
Comment by Steve H. on 6056535328
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 19:54pm
7-10-2019. 11:54AM.
Comment by tms on 7028349693
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 18:15pm
No message no name match unknown robocall number marked 'Opinion'. Scammer at work.
Comment by JES on 8166985862
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 12:29pm
I received a call from this number while I was out and was identified on my caller ID as Lincare which is a supplier of medical and oxygen equipment. A call back was answered by a robot. I called Lincare and was told that they have no offices in Missouri where this exchange is located. I am sure that this is either a scam call a phisher or a telemarketer advise not returning a call too them or answering any questions of a personal nature.
Comment by rmc on 8000480408
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 10:37am
Repeat fake no name match no message robocall.
Comment by tok on 8000480408
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 10:35am
No message no name match robocall from fake '800' number. Repeat caller.
Comment by Jazz on 5413762863
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 08:13am using false info scammer
Comment by ... on 5736054363
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 07:34am
Phone number was in a scam email.

Comment by Facilities Manager on 02081441566
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 04:42am
Sales call (sounded like from an Asian call centre) to arrange or find best energy renewal contracts for the business.
02081441566 / 02086109798
Delta Gas & Power
Comment by OK on 5082931699
Tuesday, 07.9.2019 @ 19:49pm
Well after speaking to the caller I made an appointment to see the place since it really looks like a great place.
Comment by K on 8778578892
Tuesday, 07.9.2019 @ 10:52am
When answered said this is being recorded. I hung up. When I called back it said the same thing press one for English two for Spanish.