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Comment by Patricia on 3233853969
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 13:24pm
323-385-3969 belongs to Hermecita Orpilla Cano Asuncion. She was born 15, February 1956. Current Address 5023 Island View St Oxnard, CA 93035-2826 She is scaming a lot of people in the US.
Comment by Lower than whale shit hermec is!!! Get a JOB asswipe ! on 3233853969
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 12:20pm
Lower than whale shit hermec is!!!
Get a JOB asswipe !
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 11:00am
Hermecita Orpilla Cano Asuncion
Comment by Friend on 3233853969
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 10:31am
Hermecita drinks like a fish. Every time I see her she has a beer in her hand and is drunk.
The drunken Hermecita is a broken record, telling everyone who sits next to her the same bullshit.
It would be better if instead of watching cartoons... she was thinking about her weird behavior.
Comment by . on 3233853969
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 09:54am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by OMG! on 3233853969
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 08:56am
Dude, hermec orpilla is such a double-bagger! 323-385-3969
hermec is cheaper than condoms and she needs make her coochie crack stop stinking! sex with hermec is a perversion. She will be nearly 70yr old soon)))) she is retired. Her body's falling apart. Well, hermec got an enormous vagina like the Grand Canyon in AZ. Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty... yucky.
Comment by Herdie on 3233853969
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 07:35am
I agree, hermecita orpilla cano should not be allowed to breed.
she is worthless.
Comment by xxxxxr_____xxx on 8336202696
Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 15:46pm
Auto warranty telemarketing
Comment by David on 01213719404
Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 02:53am
I'm confused
Comment by Roger Arthur on 03301229978
Wednesday, 09.16.2020 @ 08:36am
Phoned to review my BT account and reduce payments - stating they were not affiliated with BT but were Openreach. Openreach record the line usage and pass this on to BT who bill us. If we go direct with Openreach then the charges can be significantly reduced. Awaiting paperwork to confirm this but I was very wary about the call.
Comment by ... on 032281700
Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 23:48pm
i got a phone call from this number also. its a call from cimb bank.. is it true?
Comment by curious on 8007479069
Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 20:24pm
what did they tell you? Was it a man?
Comment by 688790775q on 8336202696
Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 16:05pm
Comment by Susan Smith on 8008375529
Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 15:16pm
Same here. Whatever his scam is he is still up to it.I got the same not on binder paper, requesting the same purchase/payout of loan I carry.
Has anyone ever had resolution of this character?
Comment by Bill on 7179758788
Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 10:04am
Safe number, my own in fact. My wife and I never make robocalls. But we are aware that our number has been spoofed before. NOT A ROBOCALL!
Comment by Anon on 8662449825
Friday, 09.11.2020 @ 12:11pm
Northstar Collection Agency
Comment by Kunal Tewari on 011400360270
Wednesday, 09.9.2020 @ 13:40pm
This number is chasing me for last 10 months. If anyone know thing number do tell me
Comment by SpamCatcher on 3123768141
Friday, 09.4.2020 @ 10:13am
Yes, 312 376 8141 called me too. Left no message . . .
Comment by Anon on 0894329009
Friday, 09.4.2020 @ 01:13am
Yes my mam did offering her lotto money saying they won money at Christmas.
Sounds dodgy . Didn't introduce or say hi . Very weird
Comment by Financially Hancidapped on 2085220870
Wednesday, 09.2.2020 @ 13:28pm
It's Melaleuca, Inc. and the only reason they'd be calling you is if you have an Account with them! They DO NOT Do Telemarketing Calls!!!
Comment by Cristina Ribeiro on 15627312219
Saturday, 08.29.2020 @ 18:31pm
I got a phone call from the number
1562-731-2219 They hacked my friend's WhatsApp and they tried to get my contact information .

They sent a link and a code 4sgLq15sV6 so they could hake mine as well, to get my contact information.

They are texting all my friends friends like that
Hakers: Hi are you ok? Are you busy?
I need to fix my MSM but I need your help because my phone is not working .


Comment by Auction Revolution Ltd on 02030867685
Friday, 08.28.2020 @ 07:07am
This is the main office number for an auction house based in London. This incidence has been reported and whilst the number is genuine, no calls unrelated to the auction business would have any other relevance. No calls would also be made at this time of day.
Comment by ** on 5122624183
Tuesday, 08.25.2020 @ 07:04am
Got a call from this number today. Didn't leave a message
Comment by Rob on 8447526348
Monday, 08.24.2020 @ 10:10am
called twice within 5 min. No VM was left. I marked it as an unsafe / unwanted call.
Comment by Richard on 8764532886
Saturday, 08.22.2020 @ 11:58am
Comment by Elizabeth Renata Evans on 01482271406
Thursday, 08.20.2020 @ 04:23am
This is Promis Life the funeral insurance provider
Comment by Ag on 0414121000
Monday, 08.17.2020 @ 04:09am
My phone was diverted to 0414121000. What phone call did you get?
Comment by Dave on 03334435001
Monday, 08.17.2020 @ 02:07am
Rang briefly then hung up before we could answer
Comment by R-2129 on 9542819225
Saturday, 08.15.2020 @ 12:17pm
called my DNC registered number. Nobody there when I answered.
Comment by Me on 7022493139
Saturday, 08.15.2020 @ 01:06am
yes, I have. I can tell you who. How do I reach you?
Comment by po on 8176350285
Friday, 08.14.2020 @ 06:47am
i think it is a scam asking for info for fraud
Comment by Mike on 8885268221
Thursday, 08.13.2020 @ 16:47pm
Burglar Alarm monitoring (No, I'm not Shane)
Comment by ckw on 7206177647
Monday, 08.10.2020 @ 16:49pm
AFP Action CO. Unwanted political campaign call.
Comment by me on 8888630777
Monday, 08.10.2020 @ 15:29pm
claim to be " Verizon security services" also "Hotmail" claiming that they got a security alert for the server and that you need to recheck your network server, i.e. phishing for your information
report to the fcc and the ftc do not call
Comment by jogan on 00207249487
Monday, 08.10.2020 @ 02:30am
got call from this number asking to pay topup immediatly where as i do not need to. dodgy
Comment by Katie on 01416662514
Friday, 08.7.2020 @ 07:05am
Received a call from this number at lunchtime today.
Apparently there is an arrest warrant out for me for fraud by HMRC and unless I pressed option 1 I was going to arrested immediately!!!
HMRC will never contact anyone via phone.
I have to say the message was very very unpleasant and aggressive
Comment by on 01738506668
Thursday, 08.6.2020 @ 08:52am
Rang my mobile and house number and left no message - number will not take any calls back! frustrating to say the least.
Comment by RDK on 6045026369
Saturday, 08.1.2020 @ 14:08pm
Just received a call from 604-502-6369 with message informing me I have won the lottery.
Comment by James on 01212030420
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 04:47am
call from citizen housing about rent payment
Comment by SM on 8134980982
Wednesday, 07.29.2020 @ 13:59pm
I keep getting calls on both of my numbers from this number, i finally answered but it just sounded like breathing.
Comment by Linda on 02080887649
Wednesday, 07.29.2020 @ 02:15am
Received call, message saying this is HMRC and if they do not hear from me or my solicitor I was to be ready to received legal consequences, number blocked.
Comment by Anon on 9545144256
Tuesday, 07.28.2020 @ 16:16pm
It's Norwegian cruise line
Comment by tor on 7206177647
Tuesday, 07.28.2020 @ 10:30am
"AFP Action CO" (Americans for Prosperity Action Committee"). Political call for Cory Gardener Colorado senator campaign. Left no message.Unwanted robocaller.
Comment by Anon on 6026102575
Wednesday, 07.22.2020 @ 09:17am
Just did this am and they hung up when I answered with "who is this?". I have a verizon call filter that the number put name as "Credence".
Comment by Ann on 02038075670
Tuesday, 07.21.2020 @ 07:08am
I reported this company to ICO for nuisance calls. 4 calls in 2 days. The callers speak with very strong accents and speak very quickly so it is hard to understand them. They are pushy and refuse to take no for an answer. They are trying to sell something to do with google ads.

If you receive a nuisance call like this - REPORT THEM TO ICO
Comment by Dena adkins on 4355032740
Monday, 07.20.2020 @ 16:40pm
I'm also a targeted individual and they keep forwarding and hacking my phone l.
Comment by Mary Beardsley on 01303720249
Wednesday, 07.15.2020 @ 03:46am
The droll young man announced he was from the govt loft insulation campaign, then 'Energy Advice Service' in Oxfordshire. I declined to give the oersonadetails he asked for and when I queried the use of a local number if they were 130 miles away, he hung up.

Clearly a scammer.
Comment by cg on 4054703979
Tuesday, 07.14.2020 @ 13:11pm
This is a phone call from the putnam city public schools for school announcements. Not a telemarketer or spam caller.
Comment by Bob on 2043182240
Tuesday, 07.14.2020 @ 10:20am
Just received a call. Didn't answer.
Comment by chineseJ on 08000232721
Tuesday, 07.14.2020 @ 03:03am
looks like it's a call from Dun and Bradstreet, they're verifying phone numbers. I'm going to check the website