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Comment by senormusica on 9782344061
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 15:30pm
yep, just got a message saying the IRS is suing me XD from this number
Comment by Friend on 3233853969
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 15:07pm
Hermecita drinks like a fish. Every time I see her she has a beer in her hand and is drunk.
The drunken Hermecita is a broken record, telling everyone who sits next to her the same bullshit.
It would be better if instead of watching cartoons... she was thinking about her weird behavior.
Comment by JUST REPORT THEM on 8887828807
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 12:53pm
This call came in for my UNDER AGE sister and when confronted about it the person answering the phone Ms. Turner was hostile and rude, Mrs. Wright the original caller wasn't even sure what she was doing. They provided an invalid citation number that is not even close to a Dallas citation number. SCAM AND SPAM!!!!!!
Comment by LDJ on 7702851437
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 11:10am
Responding to the comments or who asked if anyone else is getting calls from this number: yes they have called me five times this week and do not leave a message. I am going to block this number.
Comment by John on 6415123590
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 21:13pm
To the contrary of the hateful comments, this number belongs to Carrie, a very real, smart, kind and talented young woman currently living in Austin, TX.
Comment by D on 2146427652
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 17:40pm
Number on note left on vehicle in parking lot. Note says "Call me. Catherine"
It's a SCAM!
Comment by Jenn on 2137887142
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 11:57am
I was told to call this number to get an invoice for a past order from an online retail.

The company name is MacMall ( PCM (
Comment by talltreetrader on 4109884492
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 11:51am
What can you expect; coming from an Democrat and Mafia string hold state
Comment by .... on 7315996007
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 10:56am
Got a call at about 11:30 a.m. but didn't answer so I don't know who it was. Probably spam though.
Comment by Obedient on 8884015104
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 14:54pm
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Comment by michelle morel on 03002007049
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 13:02pm
this number 03002007049 called me 14 oct 2019 17.17pm left no message I answered phone put down on me
Comment by Naila on 03339999768
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 00:00am
Comment by kstormgemini on 9897601127
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 16:01pm
my housemate just received a call from this number. since it's nearly seven p.m. he ignored it so not sure either. apparently they tried calling him before like on the 2nd of this month around this time as well but the call was dropped.
i was actually coming on here to see what i could see myself. he was expecting some important calls (and thus wanted to know if this was a number he should answer) but not at this hour.
so we're also curious as to the identity of the caller.
so far though, from what i've seen on other c.i.d. type sites, it seems likely that it's a political spam call. not sure though.
Comment by kay on 8888242418
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 14:29pm
Scam calling about internet phone service
Comment by Sarah on 7855320111
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 11:27am
This is a KState alert notification system
Comment by SP on 2189673079
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 14:51pm
I received two phone calls on my cell phone from this number. One was at 10:21 AM and the other at 3:07 PM. I did not recognize the number and don't know anyone in Nisswa so I ignored it.
Comment by Spam Killa on 5203663831
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 09:22am
Social Security Administration imposters. Left voicemail to call 520-366-3831 which is NOT a SSA phone number. The real SSA phone no. is 800-772-1213, which is the only number you should call to verify if the SSA contacted you.
Comment by clork on 02084181819
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 07:36am
Forest Practice, Pyrles Lane, Loughton Essex, GP Surgery
Comment by clork on 02084181819
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 07:36am
The Forest Practice. GP surgery, Loughton, Essex.
Comment by Robert on 8435105801
Sunday, 10.13.2019 @ 12:43pm
Yes I gotta s call and the guy was claiming to be a detective, and said that s client said I was texting he's under age son
Comment by Javier on 6197683703
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 09:17am
Michelle White
Comment by anm on 8003860078
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 08:20am
Correction: They *did* charge my credit card, and even though I cancelled, they haven't reversed the charge.
Comment by anm on 8003860078
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 07:05am
I got a letter advertising an Extended Vehicle Service Plan. It's confusing because it doesn't show a company name, a mailing address, or even an email address. Just "Jessica Bork" at (800) 386-0078.

I called and a man answered. After a long conversation I accepted the offer and gave him my credit card number. That was stupid of me because I knew nothing about the guy. I called the next day and cancelled.

No charge has shown up on my credit card, at least not yet, so I don't think it's the worst scam ever. Either they're somewhat ethical or they're trying to stay within the law.

At the bottom of the letter in tiny print it says, "SSA is an independent company who provides extended vehicle protection plans on behalf of leading third party administrators.... Plans are administered by Omega Autocare, Enterprise Financial Group, American Auto Shield, and Matrix Warranty Solutions"

It turns out that SSA is short for Simple Save Auto. At the Better Business Bureau for Simple Save Auto it shows Calvin Merklin as owner and Alex Rushitaj as Customer Support Manager. It shows three addresses, in Saint Charles, Bridgeton and Weldon Spring, all in Missouri.

At Calvin Merklin is shown as agent or owner for four different companies in St. Charles and Bridgeton but not for Simple Save Auto. At Alex Rushitaj and Jesse Buerck are shown as co-owners of Simple Save Auto. The similarity of 'Jesse Buerck' and 'Jessica Bork' makes me wonder if Jessica Bork is a name they made up.

I suppose SSA's plan is to hook you up with one of the four companies they list, whichever one they choose.

At the vast majority of reviewers of American Auto Shield give one star out of five. It sounds like typically the car owner and their mechanic spend hours on the phone trying to get AAS to pay, and in the end AAS finds something in the contract that says they don't have to pay, or they pay less than the actual cost. shows 24 reports for Enterprise Financial Group.
Comment by . on 3233853969
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 06:53am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by davie. on 02082565503
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 05:02am
I was phoned on my mobile this morning by this number, I listened to a pre recorded message,stating it was from HMRC and there was a parcel from HMRC press 1, first time I have been offered a parcel from HMRC.scam and I would this say could be a serious scam.BEWARE
Comment by Jen Reyes on 5028909110
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 20:51pm
The caller is a hotline saying that you have been notified that one of your sexual partners has tested positive for an std and that you should also get checked.
Comment by Zed on 8773120509
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 14:59pm
Robocaller. Getting many of these. Block or ignore
Comment by Scam on 8776922835
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 14:36pm
This caller is a SCAM!! Stating " ignoring this information would be considered an offense of a magistrate for a federal criminal offense, which is against your name. Tax & Crime Unit
Comment by a on 5166410142
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 09:53am
I got some weird texts from this person. What are you referring to?
Comment by Jackie on 8882286232
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 05:49am
I got a letter from SSA and this was the call back number. Not sure if it's spam or not though.
Comment by Cc on 62450000000131
Thursday, 10.10.2019 @ 18:50pm
I have seen this number what do it mean?
Comment by Al villa on 647700177
Thursday, 10.10.2019 @ 13:15pm
This 647 700 1777 calling and they asking you to give them your information I'm sure it's scam
Comment by sr on 8557512100
Thursday, 10.10.2019 @ 10:59am
Seems to be connected to MassSave Energy assessment. Follow-up from partner companies. Decided not to call back
Comment by . on 2085736879
Thursday, 10.10.2019 @ 10:22am
Kia dealership
Comment by Emma on 01865617849
Thursday, 10.10.2019 @ 06:58am
University study- Merit Study
Comment by SPH on 02080048514
Thursday, 10.10.2019 @ 06:41am
Claimed to be from 'The plumbing team' and as a loyal customer they could offer me a discount on plumbing insurance and if I wanted to go ahead could I provide my bank details!!!!! I queried my 'loyalty' as I had never heard of them and they hung up. Similar numbers ring throughout recent weeks but have hung up before I could answer.
Comment by Chad on 6415123590
Wednesday, 10.9.2019 @ 18:04pm
This number belongs to a catfish named 'Carrie' claiming to be from Austin, TX who trolls the dating site OKCupid. He/she is fun to talk to for a while, but it's ultimately a huge waste of time.
Comment by HiCarl on 8778995802
Wednesday, 10.9.2019 @ 10:49am
Its the phone number for OptumRX presription delivery
Comment by Jon wilson on 3306721068
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 22:40pm
Comment by Simone on 0851640651
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 15:06pm
I have my iPhone with my same 0851640651 number in it
Comment by MR OLIVER on 2409722289
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 13:17pm
Comment by anotheranon on 8022831980
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 11:01am
Fake number. No caller id. No message. If you answer, the scammer's computer will know they have a live number and you will get a lot of spam calls. I suspect this is someone compiling a new list of live calls to sell to scammers.
Comment by Matilda on 01753569400
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 07:27am
Comment by claire on 5511951857952
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 04:38am
Got a text saying Halifax click link to confirm your phone number. This phone number is in Brazil and thus very unlikely to be Halifax. Deleted.
Comment by Person on 4049483095
Monday, 10.7.2019 @ 11:01am
Received a call. Person named Alex left a voicemail about my "property" and some "really good numbers". The call came from a Georgia area code. I do not live in Georgia, nor do I own property there. Definitely SPAM.
Comment by Home on 3374159080
Sunday, 10.6.2019 @ 14:36pm
This number called me and said they were Inspector Julia James and wanted me to call them back. They did not leave a company name or anything. I sensed a scam so I ran the phone number through Been Verified. Turns out I was right. There is no information on this number other than it is owned by a woman named Suzie. BEWARE! THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT CALL BACK!!!!
Comment by Eileen on 9034720485
Saturday, 10.5.2019 @ 16:28pm
Does anyone know if this phone number is a scam to buy a maltese puppy.
Comment by Dolly on 8666581733
Friday, 10.4.2019 @ 13:14pm
Comment by S on 01582155658
Friday, 10.4.2019 @ 07:11am
loft insulation scam from Luton pretending to be a 'conservation officer'
Comment by dee on 02071352062
Friday, 10.4.2019 @ 04:31am
Someone from Lotus called me form this number lotus models has no location details on this website . Is this a real number there are conflicting comments here on thissite some saying this is a safe call others saying it is unsafe>