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Comment by Pete on 4005000205
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 18:30pm
Called Saturday morning; left no message.
Comment by Virginia on 6143927875
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 16:28pm
I received this call today, but have no idea who it is from and could not find any info on the internet
Comment by Allan on 6093185516
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 10:48am
2/24/2018 1:45pm EST Rang three times then stopped. Said Discover on caller ID, but I doubt it!!
Comment by Dg on 8642800681
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 10:04am
I got a text saying “what’s up” but I don’t recognize the number. I see where someone else had the same thing happen so I’m not going to reply. Thank you.
Comment by Loraine F. on 8125610206
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 19:54pm
They called from this number at 9:50 pm! terra haute, IN 812-561-0206. no one on the line, or just breathing. Morons
Comment by Michael on 1300305884
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 17:52pm
Got this message:
Dear Latitude Customer,

You have received an internal notification

Not a customer, so obviously a scam!
Comment by SUSAN on 1300305884
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 17:26pm
Comment by Nel on 2032788095
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 16:52pm
Spam. Not safe. Do not answer.
Comment by Nick on 1300305884
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 16:40pm
SMS pretended to be from Latitude Financial Services and wanted me to click on a link. Not a customer with them so obviously scam.
Comment by jk on 6154405919
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 12:57pm
Hang up no message. Suspected telemarketer, BLOCKED
Comment by Karen on 8009160723
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 10:40am
This is not Asurion. I contacted Verizon and they stated that this is not an Asurion phone #.
Comment by A on 8038351097
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 10:24am
Other sites say it's Fedex, or when you answer no one is there. If you call back, it automatically disconnects.
Comment by Lyn Smith on 9722003384
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 10:00am
Called my house, then immediately my cell. I do not know this number and they don't see fit to leave any identifying message, so they can just forget my answering.
What is wrong with people these days? Answering machines have been around for more than 30 years. Do they not know how to use them or are people just that arrogant to think we should answer?
Comment by Jim in Phoenix on 4153582691
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 08:40am
I think it is some collection company. They were looking for one of our employees and they were totally unprofessional, lying who they were, swearing and calling names at me on the phone.
Comment by bb on 7815867000
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 08:31am
This number is the UPS customer pickup location in Lynnfield Ma.
More than likely its about a package delivery issue to your location.
Comment by K Hopson on 2072131248
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 08:30am
I just received a call from this number telling me my google listing had expired. Number is not safe.
Comment by Susan Davies on 03456090546
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 03:09am
received a letter from HSBC saying my husband owes £3,600 his account has been closed for 8 years and never heard from them until now.This number is on the letter !!!!
Comment by TomKra on 01786826328
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 02:48am
It's Car leasing specialist in Dunblane (Scotland) and totally harmless.
Comment by Marilyn on 8004212100
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 15:14pm
Got a recent call that appeared to be from this number to"lower my interest rates". I knew it was a scam so told the caller that I knew he was lying to me. He responded by saying he could prove the call was coming from a bank. I "bait" these types of callers, but later id'd the number as the credit card division of Bank of America. I reported this to BOA, and the number is currently "being checked for trouble" If anyone calls you and this number appears to be the call's source, GIVE NO PERSONAL INFORMATION. Call BOA back on another number if you have an account with them This number may still be in use by scammers from an Indian call center. They can make the call appear to be coming from any number they choose to make the call appear safe. IT IS NOT.
Comment by ME TOO on 7025175968
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 14:14pm
I got a call today. They had my name and wanted to verify my date of birth. When I said no, the guy hung up.
Comment by Joanne on 8664255463
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 09:38am
WK Emergency Notification System.
Comment by Ronald L. Haverslide on 8135151807
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 09:18am
Phone #813-515-1807 is NOT SAFE!!. Person has obvious voice of someone from INDIA, PAKISTAN, or other Asian countries They call at list twice a day trying trick you into admitting your name is who they ask for. IGNORE ANY CALLS FROM THAT TAMPA, FL Location!!
Comment by Bob on 9052125000
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 08:58am
Yes I got this call from scamster and Fedex confirmed it.
Comment by Rene on 8163968746
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 08:34am
Called me too I didn't answer but when listening to the voicemail. Nobody spoke just heard background noises then they hung up. I tried calling back and it went straight to disconnecting me. Didn't even ring.
Comment by Jack on 6176021106
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 07:12am
They were looking for someone with the same name but different birth date. Called me at work and home. Poor excuse for a collections company.
Comment by Coop Survey on 02031621386
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 04:30am
Coop Survey = phishing scam ?
Intrusive questions - hang up
Comment by Neil on 01412487400
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 03:45am
I think its debt collection from Glasgow
Comment by jj on 9365383568
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 22:49pm
I had someone saying they were bail bonds looking for someone who is already in prison
Comment by Monica on 8015848500
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 16:37pm
Just got a call from this number today, and once on 2/10 as well. No idea who it is
Comment by mo on 2626317058
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 15:50pm
Racine Unified