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Comment by Tony Dee on 03330124666
Tuesday, 05.21.2019 @ 09:44am
Apparently a fake message from HSBC Fraud Dept. I nearly rang it as I have an HSBC account, and I did have reason to call their fraud line last year as someone had skimmed my business card. The number is similar to the legitimate HSBC number so could cause a few to unwittingly call the number and get scammed.
Comment by Randy on 8554411765
Tuesday, 05.21.2019 @ 08:41am
I've received two calls this week where no one was there when I answered on the second ring, and the call disconnected after several seconds, so it appears to be a ROBO call and a violation of the DO NOT CALL list.
Comment by Dee F. on 9543889542
Monday, 05.20.2019 @ 17:22pm
I received a call from this number this afternoon. I did not recognize the number, and I do not answer calls from a number I do not recognize. This number and others like it are mostly scams or selling something. It's an unwanted number.
Comment by Ms. Stern Honi on 4125523177
Saturday, 05.18.2019 @ 17:17pm
I received an automated call from 412-552-3177 telling me that they were charging me $148.00 for Platinum service on my PC and they directed me to call 320-289-6614, which I did not call suspecting this is a scam. A few days prior to this call, I contacted MS Help on my PC for a small issue. On that site was a big sign that said for faster help call this number. I called and unfortunately let him into my PC thinking it was Microsoft. I realized right away that he wasn't addressing the problem so I told him to get off my computer and that I wasn't paying for anything. He did not fix the problem. However, I do not remember giving him my cell # but that is where I received the call.
Comment by ANGRY on 09040121913
Saturday, 05.18.2019 @ 11:55am
Check your bills if you get a call off 09040121930 you will find a large bill ie we had a call did not answer but went on answerphone checked bill cost us £22
Comment by TINA on 2028834071
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 13:05pm
Comment by TINA on 8552778816
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 13:03pm
Comment by TINA on 8473209822
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 13:01pm
Comment by TINA on 8555635635
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:58pm
Comment by tina on 4088772411
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:54pm
more buggy calls message..
Comment by TINA on 6692682907
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:52pm
daily message..I never answer
Comment by TINA on 4085756495
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:50pm
keeps calling often ..never a message..grrr
Comment by TINA on 7579653094
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:48pm
repeat calling..most message..I do not answer.unwanted call!
Comment by tina on 4086755812
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:45pm
calls a message..I never answer unknown ####.
Comment by tina on 2093063101
Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:44pm
calls & calls..never leaves a message...grrrrrrr.
Comment by Obedient on 2406342998
Thursday, 05.16.2019 @ 15:24pm
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Comment by Crystal on 9788000999
Thursday, 05.16.2019 @ 10:05am
I got a text and call from this number and I am ignoring it because I don't know who it is
Comment by cookie on 7029358632
Thursday, 05.16.2019 @ 09:33am
Call from Jean, Nevada. Says, Hi I'm Naomi calling from the Homeowners (unintelligible) on a recorded line....can you hear me? I was expecting a call and inadvertently picked this up. This is the second time I have received this call. NEVER EVER say "Yes". This is a scam that I reported to Nomorobo. If it continues, I will just block the number.
Comment by dee on 8558179500
Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 14:57pm
Called on cell. Number shown 37542 so I let go to VM. "Larry. Call me today at 855-817-9599 Ext. 37542" Googled - Scammer Debt Collector. Deleted VM and number. Do NOT answer.
Comment by User on 2407745381
Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 12:45pm
Yes does anyone know who this is
Comment by LC on 4846642839
Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 11:51am
Robo call informing me that $199 was being removed from my account for payment of some sort. There was a number given for me to call in reference to this charge, but I was not quick enough. Calling this number back was not successful
Comment by Kellie on 8553410221
Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 08:50am
I received a call from a restricted # & left a message stating her name was Susanne private investigator with the state of Iowa & was 2 serve me 2 court summons within 24 hrs. she said to call DLS servicing for concerns @ 855-341-0221. I got caught up in a scam like this last yr where I lost over 2,000 paying people due to this threat. does anyone know if this is a scam or if I should return the call. I received my call on 05/15 @ 10:27 am
Comment by wizard on 4804286020
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 17:36pm
Keeps calling, but wont leave message, then right after they call from 480-428-6008 as well
Comment by jas meeka on 9043374579
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 11:18am
Repetitive caller harasser
trying to get your number
Comment by India SCAM on 8449163111
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 10:33am
This is a scam that tries to say they have money for you and ask for your bank account to take everything in it and steal your identity.
Comment by 1 on 9375140958
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 07:21am
Is this number in service?
Comment by ... on 9375140958
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 07:20am
Number called, now it's out of service. ???
Comment by T. on 9375140958
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 07:18am
This number called and I tried to call it back. Now operator said, it's no longer in service. ??
Comment by Jacques on 00919560345888
Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 01:29am
The 10th of May 2019 I was charged 0,15 € and the 11th 0,07 € for two international SMS to this number whichI never made.
Comment by kv on 6531636300
Monday, 05.13.2019 @ 23:34pm
Getting call from +6531636300 this number, saying call from Singapore, for Job Offer... is it true or job-scam ?
Comment by barb on 5073730786
Monday, 05.13.2019 @ 14:01pm
Comment by gbd on 6195500975
Monday, 05.13.2019 @ 13:20pm
Calls daily & does not leave a message
Comment by Charlie on 7738690952
Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 11:46am
Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Proven scam.
Comment by yes on 8667144777
Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 08:24am
just got one too and we thought we missed a radio station contest call back for $1000 lol thanks for posting your comment
Comment by Bill on 9013349260
Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 06:30am
phone range but left no message, then hung up
Comment by Bloke on 07557107188
Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 02:50am
This number is Red Stag Roofing.
Comment by Lucky on 0110712114
Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 02:37am
they are scammers
Comment by Lincs Prime Fresh Ltd on 07875461225
Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 01:58am
Lincs Prime Fresh Ltd Fish and Meat Supplier to indivdual households you have previously had delivery from us or gave your details to an agent for future contact.
Comment by Fred on 5203049299
Thursday, 05.9.2019 @ 18:03pm
Comment by George on 6182483424
Wednesday, 05.8.2019 @ 16:52pm
Started to talk about soc. Security so I hung up.
Comment by Amy on 7208970069
Wednesday, 05.8.2019 @ 13:30pm
I got a text message from this number wanting to purchase my home. Person identified themselves as Kelly. Very annoying. Texted back and told them I'm not interested.
Comment by justjoan on 6162071779
Wednesday, 05.8.2019 @ 10:36am
called my cell, left no message
Comment by WARNING on 8882766760
Wednesday, 05.8.2019 @ 06:18am
kkk is calling you run!
your next
Comment by Josh Brown on 6143001772
Tuesday, 05.7.2019 @ 17:13pm
It's a Debt Collect agent trying collect on old debt
Comment by CKT on 8667676886
Tuesday, 05.7.2019 @ 10:07am
I received a phone call from an English speaking female named Brenda Morgan; I sent the call to my vm. Brenda needed to speak with me immediately concerning my debt consolidation application.
I say this is spam, she never mentioned a company and I have not filed for any type of debt consolidation and the number is marked "RESTRICTED".
Comment by annoyed on 8504968881
Tuesday, 05.7.2019 @ 04:41am
Called late at night. I missed the first call, when I answered the second time they hung up. I called back and they hung up.
Comment by fabhd on 7578131948
Monday, 05.6.2019 @ 17:52pm
"James Franklin" just called about FREE insurance from a fireman insurance company supposedly bought for us by a relative whom he named but got the relationship wrong. Wants to come to our house. Took his number and said I will call him back
Comment by James on 5097746892
Monday, 05.6.2019 @ 13:14pm
Called wife repeatedly....said they were a collection agncy....calling on a bill that went to collections back in '15....really????...25$?.......really?? collections...said if she gave her cr card number and paid it off they would only charge her $13....what a smok'in deal.....
quit bugging her at work...better yet, get a real job.
my 2 cents...JC
Comment by Grundy fxxks all spammers on 8007425872
Monday, 05.6.2019 @ 11:03am
This is absolutely spam, it is in Chinese and talks about "you had a UPS package failed to deliver and said this would be the last time to notice you." Do not proceed with whatever instructions they ask you to do.
Comment by A on 01616526721
Monday, 05.6.2019 @ 05:55am
I dont know who it is that keeps ringing me from this number,when i answer they put the phone down and when i ring it there is no answer so ive blocked the number but they still ring