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Comment by sharon harrison on 5136653998
Sunday, 06.25.2017 @ 13:41pm
They are calling me daily multiple times.
Comment by sharon harrison on 5136653998
Sunday, 06.25.2017 @ 13:40pm
They are calling me daily multiple times.
Comment by anon on 2815810865
Sunday, 06.25.2017 @ 09:58am
Called twice this weekend,left no message. blocked it
Comment by Rob on 018816300
Sunday, 06.25.2017 @ 04:22am
Irish Revenue
Comment by Caroline on 6026270000
Saturday, 06.24.2017 @ 17:57pm
WARNING! Multiple calls from this number and message says they are from Chase and to call 877-277-3507 to apply for a refinance loan. Called Chase directly and NEITHER of these numbers are legit!! The other comments that say this is legit are either mistaken or part of the scam.
Comment by TSurgent on 18447994129
Saturday, 06.24.2017 @ 14:21pm
I have a charge on my debit card of $8.95 with the info for it says 2017-06-22SavingsClub GB18447994129 I DID NOT GIVE AUTHORIZATION for this!! I say this number is NOT SAFE BY ALL ACCOUNTS!!!
Comment by Me on 4807575423
Saturday, 06.24.2017 @ 13:36pm
Called me 3 times in a row, within seconds of each other.
I answered on 3rd call to see who the hell thinks it's okay to call someone three times in a row and it started with a recorded "hi this is Joe" and then suddenly, a live "Joe" picked up and says something about being from the gifting dept.
I hung up.

Comment by Peter on 6503522098
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 17:26pm
I was told that I was going to get a grant from the US Goverment in the amount of $14,566. but I had to get Appel card for $300. first so I beleave this to be a SCAM dont fall for it.
Comment by Jessica on 2352525256
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:43pm
This number keeps calling me stating they are from the IRS. When I ask for a return number they hang up.
Comment by KT on 7071140110
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:52am
Also got a call from this number, 6/23/2017 at 10:25am. I did not answer and they did not call back.
Comment by Anony mous on 7376008343
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 09:11am
It is a spam call from vehicle service warranty scammers. Asking to be put on do not call list is ignored. Answer and waste their time. That's what I do.
Comment by Anony mous on 7376008343
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 09:10am
It is a spam call from vehicle service warranty scammers. Asking to be put on do not call list is ignored. Answer and waste their time. That's what I do.
Comment by Jack on 8442766678
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 09:10am
I got a call from this number yesterday and today. They did not leave a message.
Comment by Grandma on 5803267100
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 08:30am
This is a scam: they left a message that they are selling tickets to what I know is Not a real event in a place that does not exist. Blocked them when they used # 580-326-2325 then they called again using 580-326-7100 now this # is blocked, too.
Comment by Rea on 02081506548
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 07:12am
Had a call from this number - the caller stated that he was calling from Opus Energy (our supplier) which was untrue and wanted information on the basis that he could reduce our energy bill. Eventually had to hang up on him
Comment by Peter Chesney on 9054138649
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 06:23am
AFFGLO - Collection Company
Comment by Bobby on 8154152112
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 14:37pm
I have been getting calls from this number but I haven't been picking them up because I don't recognize the number. They don't leave a message which makes me even more suspicious.
Comment by fe on 6124446494
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 13:32pm
Call about having diabetes. no I don't
Comment by John on 76151
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 12:55pm
Did not answer but they left a voicemail. Turned out to be a call from Discount Tire telling me my car was ready. Have no idea why it came thru as a Russian number?
Comment by .... on 7787146017
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 12:53pm
It's a guy from Van city. He had a wrong number. Sounded genuine I think..
Comment by Elle on 6172687177
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 12:08pm
617-268-7177 is the Rite Aid Pharmacy on East Broadway in South Boston, MA this is the number that often appears when their automated system calls you about something
Comment by Angie on 02071893682
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 11:23am
This number called twice today, when answer machine kicked in they hung up. Have rung me before doing same thing. Just a nuisance, they could at least leave some sort of message IF they were genuine!!!
Comment by Mary on 8007275563
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 09:59am
Called and left a message to call back for some kind of free in home doctor's visit that I do not need or want! Made that clear when the mailed information came.But repeatedly calls.
Comment by mike on 5209170687
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 09:34am
This number has repeatedly called our company and left a hang up on voicemail. Very annoying, obviously a sales call.
Comment by Jackie on 02034041682
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 06:40am
I just got one there. Says it's a cleaning company. May be, as I have used a cleaning company when moving home and they could have poss passed info on. I have reported the spam to EE. Please do the same and let's block the unsolicited rot.
Comment by jon on 02081215000
Thursday, 06.22.2017 @ 00:55am
yeah a lady keeps ringing me saying i have her sons phone number????? strange as i have had the same number for over 12 years.

Got quite abusive after the 20th call over the space of about 10 days, i have tried to explain but shes not having any of it.
Blocked it now as its getting annoying and disruptive.
Comment by donna on 0731723597
Wednesday, 06.21.2017 @ 22:24pm
got a call from them few months ago, optus representative trying to recontract my mobile. got a deal through them, received paperwork and phone as promised, seems legit. hope this helps.
Comment by Doll on 07951397494
Wednesday, 06.21.2017 @ 15:00pm
Yes I suspect that's why my husband is getting texts from this number. No answer when you call but replies. To texts straight away
Comment by Tina on 2352525256
Wednesday, 06.21.2017 @ 14:03pm
This number has called me 3 times today & never anyone on the other end. When I call it back it is busy.
Comment by Just Me on 3033178457
Wednesday, 06.21.2017 @ 13:49pm
Its a collection company for the Colorado Department of Revenue. Its legit.