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Comment by Yoruba on 7143613801
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 14:14pm
Bogus IRS Collections
Comment by Annie on 7747763301
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 12:39pm
craigslist scammer they send more money then the item is worth. you cash their counterfeit check. then bank holds you responsible and you have to repay the funds.
Comment by Annoyed by Robo Calls SPAMMERS on 6783594210
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 06:20am
678-359-4210 called 5 Dec 2016 at 6:48PM EST. CID reads Barnsville, GA. Sirius XM Radio has been calling since the FREE 3 month trial has ended. Called again on 6 Dec at 7:28PM; 7 Dec at 4:32PM & 6:09PM; 8 Dec at 5:32PM; AND 9 Dec at 2:56PM. No message.
Comment by annoyed by Robo Calls on 6783594210
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 06:19am
678-359-4210 called 24 Nov 2016 at 8:06PM EST. Really? CID reads Barnsville, GA. Sirius XM Radio has been calling since the FREE 3 month trial has ended. Called again on 30 November 2016 at 4:02PM and 5:26PM and they don't leave a message. There was no one (dead air) on the line. It was a telemarketing call.
Caller: Barnsville, GA. Calling on behalf of: Sirius XM Radio.
Comment by David Sutherland on 08712005094
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 03:13am
180 calls to this number in 1 month at cost of 10 p each and lasting exactly 7 seconds.110 this month so far...............thankfully Talk Talk are on to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by jangar on 3214068320
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 21:31pm
Its spam
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 5032761450
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 13:25pm
VALIC has a terrible habit of cold calling clients from this Portland-area number and leaving poor-quality voice messages (as David has noted) to set up appointments with VALIC salesmen (disguised as "financial planners") to woo the clients into purchasing high-commission, unnecessary products. The best defense against these unwanted calls is letting your answering machine take them, then deleting the messages.
Comment by dd on 9017919491
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 09:48am
hotel on lamar
Comment by john on 9726368565
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 09:33am
Didn't leave a message but when i called back, the recording was: "If you want free credit or a free ATM...........garbage" I hung up and blecked the number
Comment by Fred on 8778183248
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 06:44am
Called multiple times over last week or so. Allowing my answering machine to answer saved me the inconvenience. No message. Suppose I got on some call centre list.
Comment by Sam on 8175911142
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 06:30am
I got one this morning! I didn't answer my phone because I didn't know the number n it must have not been to important because they didn't leave a voicemail.
Comment by DM on 00319
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 02:45am
Just heavy breathing then hung up.
Comment by dd on 8005842681
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 19:19pm
this is a fedex number to report fraud
Comment by jane on 9549034692
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 15:11pm
I received the call from the same # saying they are collecting for the FOP of Ft Lauderdale, FL and to leave a donation under my mat in the morning
Comment by ... on 8775580673
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 13:56pm
Called. no VM
Comment by gwynn on 8004019457
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 12:33pm
does anyone know who this number belongs to? is it a mobile #?
Comment by n/a on 8045457739
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 11:40am
no vm
Comment by HEY on 7804215993
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 10:56am
Comment by Very Annoyed on 8004429854
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 03:44am
Receiving multiple calls per day from this number-- 800-442-9854. It is computerized, stating it is Lincoln Financing, and asking for "Hector Hernandez" -- not me -- every time. You cannot connect with a person, unless you have Hector Hernandez' zip code, and I don't know what else. I managed to get the computer to tell me another phone number to call -- 800-442-7816. Again, computerized, but I did manage to access a person. She answered the phone "yeah?". Very snotty through the conversation. Would not give more company information and would not get to the point where they would stop calling.
Comment by Bill on 4807074000
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 18:44pm
This phone number was attached to my paypal acct. also to numerous other paypal accounts as I have discovered. It is connected with fraud, telemarketing, scams, etc....