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Comment by Angel on 8009243156
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 07:43am
I received a call from this number and they told me they were with PNC Bank and they needed to verify my account information. They asked for my social security number and everything which I found to be odd. I didn't give them my information and when I called the bank's customer service line, they advised me that they never called me.
Comment by PAT on 01616607337
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 07:38am
They are pension scammers and they appear to have obtained my number illegally. They claim to have sourced it via linkedin, but I have never shared my phone number with ANY social media websites....
Comment by stranger danger on 3473891425
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 06:45am
the number 3473891425 is some health insurance crap but I wouldn't trust any number you dont' recognize
Comment by sterling on 4052944271
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 06:30am
I just got call from this 405-294-4271 at 8AM this morning. I hit ignore and a VM was left. I cant understand her really but it is a woman "Stephanie" Whithouse? I'm not 100% on what she said, but she didn't say why she was calling and gave me a 1-877 number to return her call. Seems fishy to me. I mean why cant you call back the local number or give brief message as to what you are calling so early for??? Or is that just me thinking that's common decency.
Comment by 123 on 065316900
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 03:34am
why are they calling
Comment by MO on 5039285974
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 01:01am
This person called umpteen times so I finally answered in case it was a business call. She asked for a person that didn't live her. Then asked for my daughter. She tried to get my daughter's contact info off me. I refused. When I asked her what the business was, she said she couldn't tell me because the nature was personal. I'm sure it's a scam of some kind.
Comment by Dee on 5044053107
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 20:33pm
Received a phone call from this number today, and it was Patient Services with Ochsner Medical Foundation. Very nice gentleman.
Comment by Tayler on 7206062757
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 20:08pm
Got a call from this number. who is it?
Comment by Yoruba on 7149846093
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 19:42pm
FRAUD. Even if all you do is pick up and say "Hello", your number will be put on a "suckers list" and sold to other scammers.

Don't pick up. Don't call back.

Put it on silent ring tone.
Comment by Beckie on 9722334513
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 18:39pm
This # called many times without leaving a message. Turms out to be patient billing service, so it's a bill collector for a Dr or hospital.
Comment by big b on 9712702685
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 17:30pm
Keeps calling and doesn't leave message...I called it back with a *67 before my number....the person stated "(unintelligible) Services, this call may be recorded, this is Gary" then I hung name is on the DoNotCall list as well.....
Comment by Gum Tree on 07476797280
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 15:08pm
Yes, Report the communications to the police.
Comment by Mal on 2024555679
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 14:45pm
The caller said I had a 9,000 grant to used as I may. The government does not call you for one thing. This is not a safe call I did not call the number because I know the government does not call you ever you know the government requires you to fill paperwork for anything.
uNSAFE phone number. These number route all over so they can not be traced. They are originated out of Canada fm grist be callers can really be in any number of countries. It is a scam.fort worth north
Comment by Hey on 3304701230
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 11:59am
I actually just got a call/voicemail today from a woman named 'Lisa' leaving this number. Sound like a bill collector.
Comment by Steve on 8777668192
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 11:43am
This number is connected to meta-xlim and Renu coffee cleanse. They have an add on internet with a 14 day free trial after you pay for shipping and handling. The free trial is included in the bottles of sixty tablets which is a one month supply. The advertising is very misleading and you start getting charged for the product which never shows up. Stay away from this company nothing but a ripoff.

Very Unsafe
Comment by Nancy on 4075980309
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 11:29am
They called me twice on my cell phone and left a blank voice mail!
Comment by Links Technology on 8885023109
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 10:39am
This number is usually a tech contracted out through PremierCC. This number is safe to answer.
Comment by David on 08007562782
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 09:13am
This is a scam!!!

The company is called Uk Service Maintenance Group Ltd, they called me to sell me insurance but when I looked into them I found they were not regulated by the FCA and are not legally allowed to sell insurance.
Comment by jerry on 6092255005
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 08:55am

Called at 11.25am 26 April, 2017. Did not answer and they did not leave message. Feel sure it is telemarketer.
Comment by Keith on 4102803399
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 06:46am
Warning, if anyone gets a phone call from the following number take care, it's a scammer. 01497-843-007. They just rang me to say that I was having problems with my B.T. Modem. Big giveaway that as I am not with B.T. When I asked them why they thought that I was with B.T. and asked them for the name of the person they had called, they hung up.
Comment by Andrea on 8653511517
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 23:48pm
Caller ID shows only Bean Station. NOMOROBO blocked it. garages g
Comment by Christine on 2352525256
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:59pm
They called me 10 times today when I say hi they wait and mumble something and hang up. They are calling approx every two hours. Call accepts no return call.
Comment by Donna on 8776583960
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:42pm
Just received a voice mail message and i returned the call, they were calling about my insurance claim for a recent hospital stay. the number is legit.
Comment by Jeff on 8558457616
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:59pm
Company (ADP Screening And Selection Services) called me to verify the employment status and date of hire for one of my employees twice while I was driving on the road. My employee is applying for another job and told me that I would be receiving a call from a company doing background verification. He said they reached out to me a couple of times but I was not able to provide the information at the time (not possible to pull up employee records on my PC while driving). The third time, they left a message, all calls came from 855-845-7616 (caller ID), and left the following number to call them back - 888-832-0374. They left a reference number which I used when I called them back and it was a reference check on my employee, they provided his name with the reference number. This number seems to be a legitimate company doing legitimate business.

I spoke to two different individuals at this company, both spoke with a foreign accent (guessing they are from India). Only complaint it was a little difficult to understand the message they left without listening to it a couple of times.
Comment by Mae on 9515049741
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 13:10pm
Just received a call from this number. A female ask for me by name and when I said speaking, they hung up?????? Blocking number!
Comment by Pam on 6305184132
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 13:09pm
I called the number and it's Sprint. Apparently my payment didn't go through and that's why they were calling - but they didn't leave a message.

Comment by Tonto Bushmouth on 9787674311
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 12:56pm
No voicemail calls every other day. Probably a scammer
Comment by JW on 84744663342
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 10:54am
I bought a new phone and became aware that I was charged for texts to this number which I did not make. Virgin are reimbursing the cost but need to find out who is hacking into their system.
Comment by studio operator on 4155499261
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 10:31am
stupid indian accent speaking person asking for high level executives ... watch out SCAMMERS!!
Comment by Momma Bee on 2174029918
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 09:00am
They called and left message. I listened to it and there was music. I looked it up on internet and it's marked to a repair shop in Champaign. Do not know these people.