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Comment by Jack on 6622401197
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 09:33am
This is Tower Loan Company. They use this number to sneak up on people that are late on payments. They called me to leave a message for someone I know to call them back. They wouldn't tell me who they were or what the call was about... pretty sketchy.
Comment by Ralph on 9490161370
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 08:00am
Said they are FedEx and asked to verify address. Gave me tracking number which does not exist.
Comment by Jodie on 6035466138
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 06:41am
This is a call about a timeshare that I supposedly filled out a fair (that I never went to). Sent caller to block list.
Comment by Danielle on 01296771191
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 02:06am
Prisoner in Spring Hill, Aylesbury
Comment by alberta on 4167632500
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 20:40pm
This number has called 4 times in 10 min its 9:38 pm. They called 2 times this morning with in 5 min Also just beeping noise.. When you answer it just beeps.. Called them back its Never heard of them
Comment by J on 8777789283
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 19:26pm
This is the Airwave Networks customer support line.
Comment by Anon on 32665106
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 17:39pm
Receive msgs about status changes of people on FaceBook. I do not have an account there.
Comment by AMFLTD on 8889990000
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 15:58pm
This is the outbound number for they are like Groupon. This was a call from their Customer Service Dept - they were very prompt on my request for assistance.
Comment by Bing on 9052582847
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 14:06pm
Blank voice mail from this number.
Comment by J on 8778901760
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 13:25pm
This is a scam caller. They are debt collector using scare tactics. They claim to be a "mediation group" and threaten everything from arrest to court proceedings in order to get you to pay. They are very aggressive and using illegal methods to harass people. They will call everyone they can find associated with you to try to get information.
Comment by Telemarketer Hustler on 8009330585
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 12:44pm
Caller left message stating he was with a golf course not in our area and wanted to exclusively feature our beer. However, halfway through the message he realized his mistake and said he was actually with another golf course which is local. Left a 800 call back number. Telemarketer but using not truthful statements as he is not employed by the golf course he mentioned and is selling not buying!
Comment by EBS on 8664884152
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 10:21am
Comes up on the HiYa app as DNA Recording??
Comment by Graham on 02075365100
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 08:15am
Total nuisance - they keep on calling our TPS registered, ex-directory number, and the line goes dead as soon as we pick up the phone.
Comment by Compo on 01723342660
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 07:54am
This is a safe number, it's Scarborough hospital North Yorkshire. Specialist department Endoscopy
Comment by Christine on 004932221091524
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 07:25am
phone-number from
Comment by Jo Smith on 8283480205
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 05:53am
Not safe!
Comment by SCAM ARTISTS WORKING HERE! on 07953222222
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 02:31am
Comment by J H Smith on 01274549084
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 02:18am
This number called twice just before and just after 10-00 am on 11th Dec 2017. It went dead when receiver lifted. Dialling back yielded a 'number not recognised' message.
Comment by Rusti on 1300657155
Sunday, 12.10.2017 @ 17:58pm
This number is a receiver number for ADT Fire Monitoring alarms.
Comment by Moe on 9165874130
Saturday, 12.9.2017 @ 17:16pm
Got a call but no one speaks, scary and weird!
Comment by supertech on 8008411971
Saturday, 12.9.2017 @ 14:42pm
they have been calling me for the last 4 months.I believe it to be Sprint, which I have no dealings with for over 10 years.
Comment by "PiranhaMom" on 9253061714
Saturday, 12.9.2017 @ 13:56pm
Spoke my name on the answering machine (asking for me). I do not pick up calls from phone numbers I don't know. Although screen showed "Gunter" his accent was Pakistani or Indian. Typical SPAM con-scheme caller. Ignore these crooks.
Comment by ina on 0376268311
Friday, 12.8.2017 @ 20:34pm
boleh tahu ni nombor mana
Comment by Judy J on 8005645409
Friday, 12.8.2017 @ 13:46pm
I just had a call from this number. It was for verification of employment for a past employee, so it was very legit.
Comment by William on 4256299151
Friday, 12.8.2017 @ 09:43am
Call several times a week on a private cell phone. Leaves no message. Unsafe caller
Comment by LT on 4073921654
Friday, 12.8.2017 @ 08:43am
This may be a legitimate call from the Univ. Of Florida but the millenials making the calls need to realize there are more than one time zone in the USA. Calls like these aren't welcome at 7am! I was not pleased to be awaken zt that time.INOS
Comment by R D Wright on 01441618507883
Friday, 12.8.2017 @ 08:04am
Automatic voice says "you are subject to legal action by HMRC. Press 1 to connect an advisor".

Suspect that this is a scam designed to trick the receiver of the call to call back and incur a massive phone bill to the advantage of the scammer.
Comment by YourName on 09481100106
Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 19:59pm
Got a missed call just now, Dec 8, 2017, 11:54 am, Phl time. Feels like a spammer
Comment by Monica on 9152590034
Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 18:51pm
Called at 7:45pm. Left a voicemail. Stated his name was Juan Baca and he was calling in regards to my insurance life? car? specification. Left a call back number of 915-259-0005. No company name mentioned. Fishy to me.
Comment by SCAMMER on 5629776014
Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 17:59pm
some scammer with last name Moreno or something like that. Called twice and didn't leave a message and then when I called back the little pussy was too scared to answer and sent it to voicemail. If it was real they would have left a message. Only scammers and fake ass bill collectors call and don't leave a message. f**k this guy.